Compatibility Course Started


I just started a new cards course on compatibility at
This will be a lengthy and involved course during which you will not only learn about compatibility, but a lot of important things about the Sun, Moon, Mars and Venus cards.

Event Spreads Course Started


Today I started a new cards course on Event Spreads. An Event Spread is a birth card spread calculated for the moment that an event takes place. Reading the Event Spread will reveal what that event has in store for the person. Principles of Event Spreads can also be used to select favorable times to begin an event. You can see the course at

Celtic Cross Example


I am getting back to adding some examples of card spreads and today posted a celtic cross example regarding a troubled marriage. The video is the second one on this page:

Celtic Cross

Interpreting the Fulfillment Strength of the Planets


Today I started making the videos on the effects of the planets as they create the starved, agitated, ashamed, delighted and proud states of the planets. This is where a lot of the psychology of the planets will be explained. The classes start at number 50 of the Time of the Little Book course at

The Astrological Houses in the Birth Card System


Today I started to teach the use of the astrological house cusps in the birth card system at

New Courses


I have added to videos to the cards videos, these videos start a tangent course to the quadrations for each of the birth cards, similar to the tangent course describing each birth card in full. These two courses can be found at:

The 52 Birth Cards

The Life and Times of the 52 Birth Cards

I will be working on these two courses together until I have covered all 52 cards.

I will also be adding more predictive techniques to the Timing the LIttle Book course at


Back to Card Spread Videos


Today I started to complete the new videos to the card spreads course, Reading the Little Book. Lots of new material in the videos and more to come. The first three videos are videos number 22, 23, and 24 at

Reading the Little Book

Back to Teaching Birth Card course


Now that I have finished remaking 20-some videos for the Reading the Little Book Course I am back to working on the Birth Card course. Just added a new video, video number 45 In the Time and the Little Book Course

Birth Card System Course


Today I posted the first videos on the Birth Card System. The course is called Time and the Little Book at At this point you can benefit from software that calculates out the spreads. If you have Kala 2013 we have made several updates to the Cards screen, so please download that before taking this course from

We will also be making a separate cards only software for those who do not need the full Kala package. We hope to have that out in about a week. After that we will begin working on a phone app but that will take a few months to get done.

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