You have two options for purchasing the Cards of Truth Software that I am using on the videos. You can get the stand alone Cards of Truth 2.0 software with compatibility that has all the Cards features as well as Astrological Compatibility and some light astrology features for 74.95. Or, you can get the full fledged Kala Vedic Astrology Software which has all the Cards features in addition to a full package of astrological features for 245.00. If you decide to purchase the cards software for just 74.95 and at some point in the future wish to have the full astrology software, then you can trade your cards software in for a 74.95 credit towards the astrology software.

MAC USERS: Cards of Truth Software is built for PC Computers. It is not designed for Mac, however, you can use it on a Mac taking into account the following limitations:  We do not offer Mac support, however, we recommend a Mac tecnician in Nepal that can help you for the very low price of 25.00 an hour if you are unable to install Cards of Truth Software on your Mac.      In order to install Cards of Truth Software on your Mac you will have to install some type of PC platform amd you can email us for direction for the different available options. We find tha tmost people can install it by themselves.       Wineskin is a free and simple method of installing Cards of Truth Software on your Mac though it does not allow for PDF printing. Also, Mac will have a new OS upgrade out in late 2019 that will not allow Wineskin to work. So unless wineskin is rebuilt for the new MAC OS, that will no longer be a possibliities.     Crossover is an affordable, 65.00, method of putting Cards of Truth Software on Mac, however, it is much like Wineskin and also does not allow for PDF printing. However, its more likely that crossover builds a new version that will run on the new Mac OS.     The best way of running Cards of Truth Software on Mac is with a true version of Windows installed using the free or the pricey Parallels – in either case you will need to install a copy of windows and so purchase of windows is required which is about 100.00 unless you purchase a used copy somehwere for about half that price. Windows methods allow for PDF printing and should not be impacted by the MAC OS changes, however, MAC has a notoritous reputation for making OS changes that result in many programs not operating and requiring the user to spend  hundreds of dollars on new software and so there is no telling how future Mac OS updates will impact your ability to run any softare.     The best way to run Cards of Truth Software is by getting a PC. PC computers have much better backwards compatibility and since Windows 8, Windows a is very stable and virus free operating system.  Also, the best astronomical engines are built for PCs and so better astrology software is avialble for PCs than for Macs, so while Macs have some advantages in some fields, for astrology, PC is a much better choice.

To order the Cards of Truth Software, please visit: Cards of Truth Software

To order the Kala Vedic Astrology Software, please visit: Kala Vedic Astrology Software