I have three primary courses planned and several secondary courses. The first two primary course will consist of reading the Arcana cards and the Little Book of court and pip cards. In these course you will learn the meanings of the cards and how to do readings by casting the cards. The second primary course will be a Birth Card Course during which you will take the meanings of the cards that you learned in the first course and apply them to the Birth Card, which is the card that rules a person based on their birthdate. From this Birth Card several cards taken on special meanings for a person and so the entirety of a person’s life can be examined. In the Birth Card Course you will also learn how to time events. After these two courses are completed I will offer supplementary courses focusing on such things as relationship compatibility, wealth, career success, etc.

Courses are organized into beginner and advanced courses. Don’t let the term “beginner” fool you. This does not mean that these are superficial and easy courses. They are simply entitled “beginner” as it is in these courses that you will learn the card basics, but you will learn them in a much deeper and involved manner as taught anywhere else. So even if you have studied cards for years, there is probably something useful you can pick up in these “beginner” courses. Advanced courses are simply courses that build upon the fundamental knowledge gained in the “beginner” courses.