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Indications of the Bhavas

Astrologers use 12 Bhavas or houses that indicate specific things in the horoscope. We are already using two of them, the Ascendant and the Midheaven Cusp which are indicated by the I and X in the Card Spreads as shown by the Cards of Truth Software. The other 10 Bhavas are indicated by numbers 2-9, 11 and 12 in the Card spreads as shown in the Cards of Truth Software.
Western astrologers call these houses due to the idea that these points are boundaries in the horoscope, but that is not exactly correct, so it’s a poor name for these points. The reason for why these twelve sensitive points in the horoscope have become boundaries of houses in western astrology is due to a long history of astrologers intermixing astrological principles without fully understanding the principles place in the larger scheme of the science. The boundaries are correctly the signs of the zodiac themselves just as we use them in the cards system with a full sign falling under the sway of a particular card in the card spread and any planets in that sign also falling under the sway of that same card.
The points from which western astrologers create the houses are better named in the Sanskrit astrological texts as Bhavas. The term Bhava means “the concretely existing,” and refers to an exact point that falls in some sign of the zodiac and thus which falls under some card in the Birth Card System. A better English term for these points are the house cusps. These Bhavas represent the concrete existing things in our lives, the very things we hope to predict about. Card readers, other than myself, do not bring the Bhavas or House Cusps into their readings. Other card readers will, therefore, when judging say relationships, focus on the Venus card as Venus rules relationships, but there is also the matter of the 7th Bhava, which is the concrete representation of the partner. Examining the 7th Bhava will add a great amount of detail to a relationship prediction. The first step to bringing the Bhavas into use is to learn the meanings of the 12 Bhavas. Each Bhava has several meanings as everything in existence is indicated by one of the Bhavas. The best source for the meanings of the Bhavas is the Sanskrit astrological text Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra. I explain these meanings in the following video from my astrological courses:

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