Welcome to Cards of Truth where you can learn how to read cards through video or audio. I, Ernst Wilhelm, will be teaching how to read Tarot Cards, Playing Cards and, most excitingly, how to read Birth Card Spreads and Birth Timing Spreads which are based upon the card associated with your birthday. This later is the most simple and accurate predictive method I have ever come across – it easier than any branch of zodiac sign based astrology that I have studied. The Birth Card System is commonly known as Egyptian astrology, Cards of Destiny, or the Magi Cards. None of these names really encompasses what the Birth Card System is or does. If I had to think of a name for this system I would call it Spirit & Nature’s Time, as that is what it truly is – it is the dance of Spirit and Nature as they unfold as each of us and enjoy each of us in our individual lives. Please view the video below for more information.

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