In these videos I explain each card in light of its:

1. Nature’s Symbol
2. Arcana Card Relationships
3. Numerical Relationship
4. Planetary Relationship
5. Underlying and Overlaying Cards.
6. The order of its 13 cards – the Sun-Pluto Cards.

These principles were all taught in the Time and the Little Book course and the Timing the Little Book course. While you will get the most out of these videos if you have taken those courses, you do not have to take them in order to be able to watch these videos to study any card that you are focused on studying more deeply.

It will take me a while to get through all 52 cards, so check back here regularly until they are all done.

The 52 Birth Cards – Putting it All Together

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Videos 1-13: Spades

Ace through King of Spades.