The Birth Card System is the most profound use of the cards. In this system a person takes on the nature of a card based upon their birthday. From this card other cards take on meanings that pertain to the different areas of their life, their lessons, their blessings, etc. Practitioners of this system have found it to be the most simple and accurate predictive system available. And I have to agree with that. The problem that I have always found with this system, however, is that practitioners of this system have no detailed way in which to determine the differences between one person born on a particular day and another – and obviously everyone born on the same day has a different life. My goal, therefore, in studying this system, was to find the reasons for all these different lives. Having done so, the answer having been found in the name, the year and the precise time of birth and the astrological factors present at these times, I am now teaching this system.

The Birth Card System is a type astrological system. In astrology predictive systems we  have planets, signs of the zodiac, Mansions of the Moon, and Time. The astrology that most people are familiar with are largely zodiac sign and planet based. Vedic Astrology from India is zodiac sign and planet based along with the Mansions of the Moon. The Birth Card System is Time and planet based, rather than Zodiac sign and planet based. The Birth Card System is commonly known as Egyptian astrology, Cards of Destiny, or the Magi Cards. None of these names really encompasses what the Birth Card System is or does. If I had to think of a name for this system I would call it Spirit & Nature’s Time, as that is what it truly is – it is the dance of Spirit and Nature as they unfold as each of us and enjoy each of us in our individual lives.