Cards of Truth Software

Cards of Truth Software is the software used in all the Birth Card System videos. It is the only software that contains the calculations for the Birth Card System as taught by Ernst Wilhelm. The Cards of Truth Software is the same as the Cards of Truth Screen in Kala Vedic Astrology Software, so if you have Kala, you do not need this software.

Requirements: Runs on All version of Windows. Will not run on a Mac unless you have a PC Emulator or PC platform on your Mac. Will not run on ipads or phones and will not run on tablets which do not have a full fledged version of windows.

Cards of Truth Software is available by download for 49.99. Price includes free upgrades of any additional timing spreads and Card Compatibility calculations when they become available. Check back here for update information as updates become available.

Please continue to to purchase the software.

Phone app version is in the works and will likely be available early 2016 – however, desktop software is more comfortable to use as it allows for viewing of several Card Spreads simultaneously while phone App size will only allow viewing of one spread at a time, so we recommend using desktop software when not on the go.